The Advertiser, December 14, 2014

it was interesting to read the obituary for my father, Emeritus Professor Peter Schwerdtfeger, which appeared to be largely a condensation of the words I read at his funeral salted with snippets from his correspondence. At least these parts were factually correct.

I do think though that Don and Joyce Schulz would have been rather surprised to find themselves referred to as Eyre Peninsula farmers. Mr Schulz was the driving force behind SOLA Optical and an autodidact upon whom Flinders University later conferred an honorary Doctorate of Science [at my father’s urging].


to read more about the remarkable Don Schulz please click here

I think the anonymous author of the obit may have confused Don Schulz with Sam Jericho, a forward-thinking tree-planting conservationist farmer near Cleve, on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula whose property always yielded crops even when other farms were blowing away in a drought and who even had watermelons growing in abundance without artificial irrigation in his tree belts


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